Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

I feel comfortable taking commission jobs. remember that your idea is not the same in my head so it will never be as you imagine. But if you want to know when the next girl will be available for adoption, subscribe to our newsletter!

I do not reroot but I can offer you a wig or scalpel made by hand and with good quality alpaca or mohair hair.

I usually notify on my social networks and put it on sale by etsy, the dolls that are orders I also usually notify on the networks.

As each doll is handmade, it is impossible for me to repeat the same doll even if I wanted to. I like to say that they take life in my hands the way they want, do I not repeat or copy the work of another this or that artist? I DO NOT COPY WORKS OF ANYONE.

Depends on the time, I usually do minimum 2 a month, and maximum 4

My dolls range from $ 600 to $ 900 depending on the base doll, I accept payment plans on dolls, with a non-refundable sign and the amount of money to be agreed between you and me.